Raw & Real: the unexpected truth about being spiritual.

If you are looking for a soft approach, please go to my main page search box and put in your request. There are meditations and blogs for just about every spiritual circumstance one might encounter. If you want to grow your spiritual connection, read Divine Accordance, the big book I wrote about how channeled prayers helped me heal and learn to be a clear channel.

I wrote, worked, prayed and channeled for sixteen years before I decided to stop denying the “other” part of myself. Raw & Real exposes me in a new way. It makes me vulnerable. And to be honest, I am not quite comfortable with it. Not yet.

Join me in this journey. I look forward to your feedback.


Transmuting Anger – Where you born to do it?

“Indeed, you are everyone and everything. In the way that every cake is Light, you are Light. Trail flour back to wheat to seed to creation to creator, you will find Light. Trail human to child to insemination to creation to creator, you will find Light. Yes, all is Light. However, your world has become messy. To clean a mess, we don’t simply sit and examine it’s creation….

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The Hail Mary (Entity) Pass 

In the end there is only you and Source/God/Goddess/I Am. (Which is all one, right?) Everyone else is a moment of experience that you are creating. Don’t let those creations be negative projections. We can examine details closely, but must do it free of judgment or we are perpetuating the negative energy. 

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How to Deal with our Political Climate

“What we battle isn’t the ego of who sits on the White House throne. What we battle is the loss of our own ability to learn. We battle the diminishment of humanity. How else to rule? There are entities that want to be served. Who better to serve than a minion that earns their bread? (Metaphor alert: Learn to cook your own hypothetical bread.)”

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Decree of Life, Second Time Around

…In any form, I choose Light, the essence of the I Am, over all other choices…No matter how far I must climb, I will find the high road. This means, no matter the difficultly, I will live in Light and truth versus suffering, lies, guilt, shame or greed…My (energetic) cleanliness, clears the divine path, for I Am the voice of God/Goddess, therefore I commit to be free of negative entities, thought forms, implants, isolations, influences and outcomes…

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Why Don’t My Guides Know What I Want?

Your guides do know you, and they do love you. However, their goals are aligned with your highest and best good. That means your mind won’t create anything that lowers your frequency or divides you from your Light.

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Hate speech, Bullying & Prejudices

Radiating love is the first way we all can adjust. We must love ourselves, our neighbors, wrong-doers, politicians, x-spouses and all the rest of the challenging begins coming across our paths.

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Quarantine Healing

I wonder why I am so calm. I wonder why I am not tired. These are exact thoughts that I had this morning. Yesterday my husband and I went on a day long road trip in a convertible, a mental health trip. We decided to drive to the beach. It was a lovely day, not too...

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