If you read my last Raw & Real Blog, then you are aware of my struggle with a recent release of grief. As well as how I was directed to go to Chapter Two of Divine Accordance for a Psychic Development class of seasoned Lightworkers and speak about being an empath.

I love when I have some odd sense of direction for a class, a direction I meditated to receive, and it resonates with the group. This has happened enough times that I shouldn’t worry, but I do. In fact, since speaking of empathy during that class, I have brought it up in other conversations. Guess what? It’s a tried and true thing… many are on the upslope of another layer of that dreaded learning curve.

The energies on Mother Gaia are shifting and have shifted. You might notice that your brand of knowledge is being called upon more often. Or maybe your intuition is keener. Sharper. More accurate.

You have probably heard the term forerunner. Starseed. Way shower. Lightworker.

The following is a list of ideas for us empaths. Remember, no matter how far you get in your spiritual learning, it will bend back around to the beginning.


Tools for Managing Empathy

From Holly Burger and the Conscious Creators

Honor boundaries of all parties (this may include you, your client/friend/family member, etc as well as disincarnates, guides, angels, ascended masters)

Know the difference between energy, learn the subtle shifts of frequency (yours, theirs, entities, dimensions, etc)

Be helpful, but only when asked (I request that my guides only show me what is appropriate to share. I don’t hunt or search for info. I share what is shown after they request information.)

Listen (sometimes speaking isn’t necessary)

Be as free of judgment as possible (this can be difficult, using Ho’oponopono or another clearing tool can be helpful)

When speaking, engage with compassion and mercy

Before energetically working with someone ask: Can I? May I? Should I? (“Can I” means do I have the ability. “May I” means do I have permission; this may include vocal permission or from high self. “Should I” means will I be safe and protected throughout this exchange and afterward, are there dangerous repercussions.)

Protection and safety always a priority, for everyone and everything (putting aside mind, ego and personality as much as possible, try Divine Accordance Prayer)

Do I need to reorganize? (ask Guides/Creator; may include time, space, thoughts, etc.)

Ask Guides/Creator for help (this is an internal conversation for me during every reading/class)

Ground and connect to Source/Creator; use Pillar of Light (Vertical Alignment Prayer)

Ask/pray for bubble of White Light protection (like brushing your teeth, just do it every day)

Pray for interpretation of words

Ask for clearing of space, or energy to be changed/shifted appropriately for intended work

Listen as an observer not participant (detach from outcomes, hopes, even healing and simply observe)

Ask for a higher/greater perspective (if you grow in a moment, you can reach a new perspective)

Breath into the space between you and the information you are hearing (there is no… rush…)

If appropriate, ask questions for clarity, discover their pain point (your empathy will point you in the right direction, sometimes we must dig to find what is causing an issue)

Search for common or neutral ground (comfort zones benefit everyone)

This is a short list, would you like to add anything? Please email me or drop a note below. The most important thing for those of us that are perceiving energy every moment of every day is that we remember we are not alone. We are born into a hierarchy of Light. We manage as a team. If you are overwhelmed, inundated or otherwise unhappy, call upon your angels/guides to lighten the load. They work with you, please don’t forget that.

I wish you blessings for a peaceful, easy journey of love and light,





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