Have you heard of the impossible football pass where the player catches the ball and surprises everyone? They call it a ‘hail Mary’. And you know what an entity is, right? A disincarnate energy. We can use the word entity to describe anything, but in my work entity means something we cannot see and usually a negative something.

A ghost is an entity. A lost soul is an entity. A generated energy sent from a negative being is an entity. There are ways for entities to bother us, and today I want to talk about a specific type of entity that I call an aggravator. For lack of better terms, it is an aggravating, annoying and obnoxious little thing.

But before we talk about aggravators, let’s get some perspective. For ease of communication we can look at entities like a food chain. The top one is the smartest, most cunning, and decisive entity with intentions. Like a commander. The commander cannot move about without endangering it’s position, so it sends a minion. There are a myriad of levels and types of minions. My goal is to get rid of them and as long as my guides do that, I don’t need their names. So let’s just say commander, minions and aggravators for ease.

Minions are like liquid or gas. They usually have no consciousness or intention. They move into open areas, often because there is an opportunity. That means that you can have a negative entity with no ill intent. It just seeped in one day because you were open.

Why would one be open? Why wouldn’t we be protected and safe?

This is one of the hardest things to understand. In a nutshell: we must move out of our safe protected place (with God/Goddess) to do certain things.

Here’s a metaphor: A man sat in his beautiful home and loved all the things around him. He loved the sunshine streaming in his glass window. He loved his family and their laughter. One day, his children said they were hungry. The man realized that he would need to leave his safe home to find food. He did everything he could to protect himself, wearing the proper clothes, knowing all the right things, and he went outside. His boots protected his feet. His heavy coat protected his body. He knew all the tricks to get food for his family and he felt confident.

As he left, he opened the gate and walked into the world. All went well. He found berries, caught fish and returned with a knapsack full of food. He entered the yard and turned to close the open gate. When he went inside his family was not happy to see him. His wife was screaming and using a broom to chase something out from under the table. His daughter was crying in her room and had red hives on her legs. His son had a shovel and was trying to kill a snake in their living room.

The man had left the gate open. What had come in?

If we were to follow this metaphor, we would find that each thing that had come into the home threatened someone’s happiness. Unintentionally, we may leave part of our energy fields open and let a benign energy in, something that we ignore because it seems harmless. That benign energy might be a place holder. The commander has a thread of energy to all his minions. He can send stronger and stronger minions to continue growing. When he wants to interfere, the commander will attack. If he gains 51% of a human, he will possess them. If a possession is possible, he will send a conscious entity to occupy the body.

The commander is smart. He will duplicate as much of the host as possible. That way, the entities remain undetected. As you can see, there is much to learn about entities and possessions. These are things we all need to know. It does not help to point out an entity to someone, they will hardly know it’s there. What helps is to use tools to chase it away. This is as important to you as it is for the other person.


Please remember this: entities and negative energy travel. They move from one host to the next by hiding behind negative thoughts. If there is a common problem, for instance a genetic issue in a family, entities can cause a disturbance that affects generations.

Imagine a common thread between two people. Maybe it’s a polarized thought: One person hates men, one person hates women. An entity can attach to either person and move back and forth on the thread of hate.

An aggravator entity, one that has gained some momentum and wants to disrupt the host, will begin to work to separate the two people. Wouldn’t the commander be more powerful if the hate energy grew? Maybe the host would hate more things? Perhaps, the entity could even grow, take up more space and wreak some havoc.

Unfortunately, having an entity would interfere with lightwork. And manifesting. And friendship. And love…

Have you ever been in a relationship where you feel angry at the person you love? They seem to aggravate you, even when you know that you love them?

Have you ever been happily moving through life and abruptly someone is angry with you? After some thought you realize that you are angry as well? Where did the happiness go?

These are situations where an aggravator causes a problem and then moves along a connecting energy to affect the second person: a hail Mary move if I ever saw one. Except, this hail Mary doesn’t result in a touchdown. This hail Mary will irritate, duplicate worries and fears, and create arguments. Why is it a hail Mary? Because look at us. We want to catch these things. We want to know why someone is bad. We search for faults in others so that we can feel better about ourselves. We defend ourselves because we feel innately bad.

Why do we feel innately bad? Well, isn’t that a great topic for another conversation?

What to do: 

When you feel that you are having a difficult time with a person, please read the Discord Prayer immediately. Surround yourself with the unconditional love. Through Creator/Source ask for the highest resources of Light to send love and forgiveness to all involved.

Work on your Pillar of Light. That is your protection. Ask for everything open to be closed. (Anything that should remain open, like your connection to your guides, will reopen.) IE: Ask for all cracks, doors, windows, fissures, holes, and portals to be closed, healed, sealed, and repaired. Ask for all this via your own discernment, highest and best good, and Divine Light of the I Am. Ask for clearing, healing and release of all entities, disincarnate energies, and negative thought forms.

In the end there is only you and Source/God/Goddess/I Am. (Which is all one, right?) Everyone else is a moment of experience that you are creating. Don’t let those creations be negative projections. We can examine details closely, but must do it free of judgment or we are perpetuating the negative energy.

The best way to avoid receiving the hail Mary pass of any entity is to know that you are Light. You vibrate high and resound with Christ Consciousness. You have a voice of Light and your actions are Light. You are love, peace, joy and happiness.

I see the Light in you and I am so grateful,


Note: When I asked my guides about the name ‘hail Mary’, they gave me this message:

Wouldn’t any being of Light, especially the Divine Feminine, be happy to deliver a message of love? And is your message of love? (I said yes.) Then we wish to explain to you that surrender is your path. Love is your service. Do you agree? (I do.) Then allow us to be named in your writing. Allow us to be remembered. Allow us to heal, clear and help you all to be free.

Thank you and Amen.

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