I apologize if this is redundant. If you know it. If you’ve heard a thousand times before…

You’re responsible for everything in your life.

And I’m responsible for everything in mine.

Many of us, often called Lightworkers or Light warriors, have incarnated with a specific reason. A simple and wonderful reason: we are here to bring Light to Mother Gaia. Our planet. Earth.

It’s the hardest simple thing to do. Ground to the core of Earth, connect to the I Am and go about your merry way. Do what you want. Find a career, attract a partner. Life, love laugh.

Except, oops, there’s some interference. Name anything you don’t want in your yard and how you would get rid of it. Ants? Spiders? Snakes? Neighbors? Robbers? Trash? Broken limbs? You know how to deal with things. You do an internet search. You ask for help. You learn to live with it.

What about your car? Dent? Out of gas? Smelly upholstery? Locked out?

Your vacuum is broken?

You’re out of shampoo?

You know things. I could name a myriad of situations and you would know, or could know, how to fix/correct them. You are infinitely capable of surviving in so many situations. Your mind is resourceful, intelligent, and proactive.

Therefore, if something is ‘wrong’ (inadequate, displeasing, hurting) then we must begin with one thing, and one thing only: Get Vertical. You are an energetic being. The first place to check when you are out of sorts in your energy field.

Are you vertical?

Are you grounded? I mean, are you grounded adequately for the energy you are integrating? You know, the download you received last night while sleeping? Did you make room for it? Remove barriers? Dislodge old habits and thought forms for your spiritual growth?

Are you connected to the highest form of Pure Light that you have access to? Because you’re stronger than you were this morning, maybe check in.

We can’t ground every once in a while, it’s not enough. We can’t occasionally connect with our High Self and be okay. We need to do it all the time. Maybe not while driving, but definitely before. Of course, don’t get vertical while talking with a friend, but afterward you could do it to clear the things you are releasing together.

If you Get Vertical every morning, check in every few hours, and do it before you sleep, your life will begin to change.

In my life, I find that when I forget to check in on my vertical energy strange things happen. Misunderstandings. I feel ‘judgey’. Red lights slow me down, obvs so I can think about not being grounded enough. ; )

Here is what I witness:

-There are the times when we need help. Teach a human to fish vs. give me the dang fish. That’s fine, meditate (get vertical, set sacred space) then ask for help. (Always close sacred space after.)

-Adjusting to being vertical means giving up mental control and relying on Spirit. Christ Consciousness Light, and none other. Giving up control can be difficult.

-If you are asking for help because you are stuck and refuse to look at what is your work then you will continue to hear the same message. That message will begin to make you mad; you will feel as if no one is listening. Always pay attention to anything that causes an emotion. Especially anger, hurt, tears.

-No matter what the issue is, it will improve with getting vertical. And by that, I mean MORE vertical. Vertical-er. Extra vertical.

Here’s a reprint of Vertical Alignment Exercise from Divine Accordance. (And the little prayer book. Links below.)



Vertical Alignment Exercise

~Imagine within yourself a pure, white flame. Let it burn bright and true. Say the following:

Father/Mother/God/Goddess, Creator, Source of All That Is: I call forth to the highest frequencies of Light. Please help me access my internal flame.

~Imagine the white flame becoming a ball of Light. Let it expand into a small sun within your chest. Feel the warmth and glow. State:

I allow my internal Light to nourish and replenish me. I am blessed through Divine channels, I am loved.

~Now imagine a beam from your Light moves up through your body, moving slowly and carefully through the throat, head, and crown. This is your crystalline cord of Light. Continue your prayer by asking your guides:

Please assist me, help me connect with my High Self and the I Am presence.

~Imagine a ball of Light high above you, this a visual representation of your High Self. See your crystalline cord of Light connect with High Self. Then, visualize a Great Sun above your High Self, this represents the I Am Presence. Send your crystalline cord of Light to this Sun, allowing your guides to assist you.

After a moment of connecting and feeling, allow the I Am Presence to return a Light back to you through your crystalline cord. Feel this Light enter your body through the crown and fill you. Say:

I am One with Divine Light.

~When you are ready, send another beam of Light down through your body and into the Earth. You can send Light down both legs to meet again below your feet or out the root chakra. This is your grounding cord. Ask:

Please assist me further, help me ground and connect with Gaia (Earth) in the most appropriate way.

~Send your Light deep into the Earth. Ask your guides to assist you in finding the appropriate place to anchor. Feel Gaia welcome your Light and your Divine Connection. Say:

I am One with my planet, Earth, Gaia.

~Feel Earth energy coming back to you, joining with Source energy at your physical body. See yourself as a conduit for love and Light between Source and Gaia, a Pillar of Light. See the balance between the Father and the Mother. Continue your prayer:

As a physical conduit, in service of the Divine, I am a pillar of Light between Gaia and the I Am Presence.

Thank you and Amen.
Holly Burger/www.LightworkersAlliance.com
(Please share with credits, thank you.)

Your well-being, your centeredness, your happiness is so important to me. We are One and the more lightwork we do together, the more we lift our planet in Light.

Wishing you vertical Light beyond your wildest dreams,



Books: https://amzn.to/2RqKOwR

Divine Accordance: Complete Chapter Two











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