This morning I wrote during a meditation. After, when I saved the writing, I saw another saved doc and it pulled me like a moth to flame. Here’s an excerpt that touched me:

“…. Our work is piled to the heavens. It will not be finished in this lifetime or the next, so agendas are useless. We do not come in with sheets or lists. We enter dimensions with determination and hope. We do as much as we can with the tools we have access to. You, my love, are accessing new tools. You will learn to use them. As well as help others unlock the codes of their inheritances. The time to start was years ago… Your spirit feels stagnate. However, it is not the walls that encompass you. You are encompassed only by the limitations of your imagination. If you can think it, it can come to pass. Hence, we caution your thoughts.”

Perfect timing to read this almost two years after it was written. I haven’t written a blog since before the election. Rather than offer an opinion, I attempt to remain in a loving and compassionate position. I hold space. It’s not easy, never easy when one has an ego, mind, mental body. But I find that from a neutral space I am more likely to read between the lines.

Things I have noticed:

-if someone or something tells me to hate someone or something, I should examine their intentions
-no matter which political party is in power, 4-8 years later it changes
-no matter who or what is in power, their opponent seems to match their strength, creating a constant tug-of-war
-I raised three children and had a few strays around quite a bit, rarely did a consistent consensus occur on anything also alliances were fickle and usually bribe based
-my truth meter goes off every time I hear news on main stream media
-when I meditate, I feel centered and loving, when I see our political system I do not feel centered and loving

The note above is from Archangel Metatron. And whether you believe that or not, is up to you. I believe it because I feel the love of the angelics. I feel their care for me and my well-being. I do not feel love from my government. Nor do I see demonstrative care.

How can I help? I asked and received this:

-be the love you wish to see, feel and hear
-compassion is powerful, use it while in a protected state
-communicate via high self and through Source, or the highest channels of Light that you can work with
-attempting to change something via hate is nonsense (it doesn’t make sense)
-as a Light warrior, use Light to change things
-sending love and light to a puppet is mildly helpful, being a radiant Light of compassion and consciousness changes your environment, affects those around you and has an on-going result


Today I hear more from the guides:

What we battle isn’t the ego of who sits on the White House throne. What we battle is the loss of our own ability to learn. We battle the diminishment of humanity. How else to rule? There are entities that want to be served. Who better to serve than a minion that earns their bread? (Metaphor alert: Learn to cook your own hypothetical bread.)

We were once greater. Our chakras emanate our frequency, that is why it is important to receive Reiki or energy clearing. Be the greatest, most radiant Light that you can be. Radiate your inner knowing and consciousness.

Being radiant is obvious. Whatever wants us to stop being the Lights we truly are, wishes to dumb down our minds. To stop us from remembering who we are. Spread the word. Not by telling people who you are, by telling people who they are. Accept and acknowledge the greatness in others. Teach them to allow you to see them and be the compassionate loving light that you are.

Your physical body is a temple. Even though it is temporary, please treat it as if you love it. Speak carefully and kindly to yourself. Eat properly, as if you love your stomach, intestines and digestive tract.

Water is of the utmost importance. Stop, bless and love water in all its many forms. A puddle, creek, river, ocean, etc. Faucets, swimming pools, tubs, rain, all of it. Love it. Bless it. Stand in it, splash it, drink it.

From a place of purity and love, you have insurmountable strength. Meditate, clarify your mind and become a person who can command things through his/her heart. One of clear mind and heart can manifest. A pure request moves out into the atmosphere where only unconditional love can hold it. If it is mental, it dissipates, it won’t work. If it is engineered of ego, it is heavy and will not lift to the upper dimensions.

Demonstrate forgiveness and compassion as much as possible. Know that in order to be compassionate, you must have the opportunity to feel it. Circumstances are created so that you can demonstrate your compassion. Or your forgiveness. Show another person their own inner strength.

Earth actions are intentional, they have reasons. Understanding reason is enlightening.


As you can see, my guides are repeating what they have told me since 2001; that time when I could hear them clearly and began typing so that I could remember everything. Now almost twenty years later, I have grown and possibly evolved but the message is the same. A wordier, expanded version of “Be the Light.”

Judge not. Would you like to know why it matters if someone else judges you? Not because your sensitive or they are cynical. It is because you feel it with sensors that absorb your surroundings. Judgment is sledge. It sticks and goos all over the psyche. It covers your ethereal eyes with doubt. Why would judging someone else be equal to someone judging you? Because it is the same frequency. The same. So if you open the door to judging someone, don’t expect to be able to close it before other’s judgments fall in and stick to your floor.

Assessment is not judgmental. Assessing danger is productive. Take time to feel into situations, people, places and decisions. If you find yourself criticizing, check to see if you assessed a non-truth or danger and your mind went to judgment out of habit. Change the habit, not healthy assessment.

I will likely receive this message again. I am, admittedly, a work in progress. I still get angry, do things I regret and miss morning meditations. However, I am madly in love with how I learn and how I am recovering from dark attacks. I will love myself boldly and use that love to heal. I will be strong, I will search for my inner knowing. I will recover lost parts of myself and become fully integrated, realized and… happy.

Namaste` beloved humans, I wish you a journey of self-recognition and Light,









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