Are these strange times, or what?

I have received many inquiries about what the guides have to say about COVID-19, social distancing and the requirement to stay home. The following is a compilation of messages. As always, use your personal discernment. Health and safety come first. Please seek attention from a medical professional if you have symptoms or are worried that you might be sick.

“For lightworkers, or those that consider themselves way-showers, forerunners and starseeds, you have an opportunity to impact the greater good of the planet. For years you have spent time, money and energy towards learning about ethereal energy. You have trusted your instincts, followed a path of healing and self-restoration while living in dual dimensions. Many of you have studied meditation and honed your spiritual practices. Whether your practice is an active job or a way of being, we commend you. We offer our support and acknowledgement; we see you as beings of accomplishment.

“While we offer our support during times of darkness, while we would not criticize if you chose another route, we are ardently your guidance and resource. As neutral beings, our emotion is not visible. Our emotion is simpler. You might say edified. We feel as one. We know as one. Our individuation is of less import than wholeness.

“There is the part of you that knows this. The part that craves stillness and quiet so that you can feel the inner part where you are one with everything. Each time you stilled yourself, you have added a thread to the consciousness of Light. Each time you meditated; you added more threads. If you are one of the workers that has pushed darkness back, we ask that you know thyself. In your truth of truth, ask yourself if being still is good. Does it benefit you? Can you meditate more? Contemplate your essence?

“Being told to stay home can bring out teenage rebellion. We understand, and we respect the youthful energy of something new that learns about itself daily. If you find that, ask your guidance (pure Christ Consciousness, nothing less) to help you know the older, established parts of self that enjoy stillness. Tap into the consciousness of Mother Gaia. Ask you inner knowing what benefit you might offer the Greater Good by offering you stillness.

“These inner contemplations are efforts in and of themselves. They still you and vibrate at a higher frequency. If suspicion, worry of fear guide you attempt stillness and make requests of your guides. Ask for help in releasing fear, anxiety, worry, sleeplessness. Ask to be healed and freed of negative influences. Focus and learning more about your Light.

“Give yourself a time of contemplation. Space holding. Nurturing. For these are the energies that have brought about what is in your now. Continue to show lost ones “the way”. Be the forerunners and lightworkers, whether overt or covert. Both are needed. We offer our support and love in all your choices but know; when Light is your choice the benefit is grand.”

Namasté, beloveds.  – hb



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