I have heard this question many times.

Why don’t they know my thoughts? Wants? Needs? Desires? Why isn’t all this manifesting and creating easier?

Let’s just get the ‘unanswered prayers’ idea out of the way. You know that sometimes we want and the timing is not great for what we are really/truly working on at a soul level. There’s that whole piece about the best possibility/outcome is only going to happen if our current desire is ignored. We can wrap our human minds around that, but even I don’t understand why timing is such an issue.

Can’t heavenly beings just route us into our easy lessons? Gracefully lay the ethereal education at our feet and expand the akashic records to hold it? Can’t we just ‘know’ what we need to know? Then receive what we want to receive?

This is what the guides say: You are in charge. We are not holding anything from you. We love and support you; however, we will not use that love to usurp your highest learning.

So there’s the crux. We have our thought-filled human minds and then we have these lighted higher minds. That this the problem. Getting both mental parts of us on the same manifesting page.

Here’s another thing the guides say: You have powerful forms of communication. Speaking is very powerful. Writing is secondary to speaking. Thinking is mildly powerful and often ineffective.

Wait, what I think can be ineffective?

Why yes, they tell me. Did you read about that in Divine Accordance? Years ago, while I was focused on manifesting a new-to-me car, I asked the guides why it wasn’t coming. They explained that my thoughts look like this: I want power windows, a sunroof, automatic transmission, –ohhh, those are cute shoes, and they look like they would fit my feet— blue or black would be nice, leather seats…

Get it? The Internet/science claims we have 50,000-70,000 thoughts per day. I wanted my car thoughts to be bigger than my shoe thoughts. But the Guides won’t pick which thought is more important. We have to be disciplined enough to focus on one thing. Until then, unfocused energy will fade until we wake up.

Wake up to what?

Mental energy is not powerful enough to manifest until you learn to separate your thoughts so that the same one repeats over and over without any interference. That’s not likely to happen. Partially because you have these under and over thoughts that sneak in while you are thinking. It’s all happening at once, and honestly—it’s because you’re really smart. So let’s stay smart and use our multi-tasking brains to manage the wild chaos of our minds, while we use other methods to manifest.


I know I am. This isn’t groundbreaking or revolutionary. It’s just plain old list making. When I teach meditation, I use Julia Cameron’s idea from The Artist Way. She encourages three handwritten pages every morning to download your thoughts. I ask that people write their thoughts before meditation to download the fluff. Remove the stuff that might interfere. “I had a hard drive with traffic. I am mad at my mother. My checking account is low.” Get it all out, then make a list of three or fewer questions. Write them. Don’t form them in your mind among the other things like ‘don’t forget to get carrots’.

(Incidentally, if you mind keeps reminding you that you need carrots, jot a note. Just stop and write it down. Your mind will be relieved of the responsibility of reminding you, which you have trained it to do, and be clear to focus.)

Download your mind before you meditate and see what happens. It’s like sweeping before you mop. You’re more able to focus on what is important to you. Let’s say your mind is screaming to pay the bills, make more money and get your oil changed. You write it all down. You practically sob at the weight of financial responsibility. Next you form three questions. Instead of which oil change place, your mind goes to mechanical efficiency of your vehicle. Instead of a reminder to pay bills, your mind sees a new method to keep you on track. Instead of wanting more money, you think of something you have in your basement and decide to sell it. Your questions become: How do I create more mechanical efficiency in my life? What is the most efficient way to manage my finances? How do I create income and release clutter?

Thinking leads to more thinking—it’s the same frequency. Dropping those thoughts onto paper opens another part of your mind, a more efficient one. If you are preparing to meditate, your brain is already raising the frequency with you. Guides can help you, and guess what happens when the energy is higher?

You can hear them.

You can receive guidance.

So this dance around what you want and why your not getting it, why the guides aren’t ‘hearing’ what you want and delivering it asap, is really all about dangling the carrot until you rise to the level your were born to exist in.

Read that again.

You were born to know your Guides. The Ascended Masters. Source. You were born to know your gifts and empowerments.

It’s not time to rage, beloveds. It’s time to sit and nod your head. Remember that you cannot lose what you know you have. You have psychic ability. You have talent, grace, skills. You are clair-something. Clair—voyant/audient/cognizant/sentient. You’re one or all.

Sit, ground and reach to the heavens. Settle only for fifth dimensional energies or higher. Send love and gratitude. Count your blessings.

There’s more, but for now, that is enough. Your guides do know you, and they do love you. However, their goals are aligned with your highest and best good. That means your mind won’t create anything that lowers your frequency or divides you from your Light.

Isn’t that wonderful? You can’t destroy your connection to create. You can interfere, but it’s always there waiting for you to return. Return to your heart. To your soul. To your Divine Essence.

You are the light and love that you seek.









PS: Want to try another trick? Make a list of things you would ask in a reading. Check it once a week, or whenever you need to add something. I find that the people who do this start getting answers. And when the list gets heavy, they book a reading.




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