This is a long read. I want you to know that so that you can ready yourself. Give yourself a few minutes to align with what has been given to me, and to you. I promise you won’t regret it. We are healing. As beings, as families, as societies. You, me, we have a responsibility to enhance that healing. Upgrade where we can. Learn. Grow. Release. And in this case: Transmute.

I saw a video where a woman was yelling at a speaker. She screamed in his face while he calmly spoke to the audience about love. He exemplified patience and kept telling his faculty, “Everything is fine.”

She was so angry, vibrating with tension. It made me uncomfortable. The speaker’s staff kept looking at each other in confusion. How do you react with love? Is this woman dangerous? Will she try to hit the speaker?

If you know me, or read my writing, then you know that I am nearly constantly engaged in some type of spiritual conversation. As I went about my morning, the video rolled around in my mind. Eventually, a new awareness began to form.

I wanted clarity, I set sacred space and meditated. This is what came through:

(My guides words are in quotes.)

“I am of the Light, from the Light, made of Light. I am formed of Light, created via Light. I am the pureness of Light. The cohesion and unity of Light. As are all others. How I live and communicate are choices. I can choose to sit and visualize peace, or I can scream about wanting it. I can read and study peace, or I can become an activist. Which is better? Neither. There is no correct way, only choice. To place my judgment upon any radical action is to vibrate with it. To place judgment upon any passive action is to vibrate with it.”

I understand, we are all one. I am the radical, screaming woman. I am the passive, patient speaker. I am mad as hell and ferociously in anger. I am a calm, meditating manifestor. I am everything and everyone. Is that the message?

“Yes. And no.”

Please explain.

“Indeed, you are everyone and everything. In the way that every cake is Light, you are Light. Trail flour back to wheat to seed to creation to creator, you will find Light. Trail human to child to insemination to creation to creator, you will find Light. Yes, all is Light. However, your world has become messy. To clean a mess, we don’t simply sit and examine it’s creation. We must use a broom and dustpan. We must sweep and deposit the dirt into a bin. Do you see?”

You are telling me that I need to work where the work is, not just see the potential of someone if they are healed. I need to examine the woundedness, the broken and hurt parts.

“We are telling your exactly that. Now take the video you saw, what you have learned? Tell us more.”

The screaming woman, she is me. So am I wounded, crazy mad and infuriated? Maybe in my subconscious?

“You could say this, but what if we separate the anger and the peace. What if we give each a name and see where they might live?”

Okay. I will call the peaceful man Heron and the angry lady Pogo. She was wound that tight, like a pogo stick. I am looking for where they live. I want to find a place far away for Pogo, but since this isn’t my first rodeo, I am looking in me. Where am I Pogo and where am I Heron? Is that the way to do this?

“Yes, follow the line of creation that is in you. Use psychology and intuition to find why you saw the video. What does knowing that such anger exists do to you or for you? What about passivity? What are your opinions, wounds, fears?”

It takes some time for me to locate the anger, and it’s what I look for first. Years ago, a client was told to go break something. Buy plates and smash them against a brick wall. Or throw glass into a dumpster. Get cathartic and release tension. She did it and claimed it was amazingly healing. She bought things from a thrift store and threw them against a basement wall. I didn’t tell her, but I didn’t think this sounded like a great idea. What about the mess? Dangerous shards? The funny thing, she told me later, was that cleaning up was almost as good as breaking everything.

That memory brings me to this thought… there’s a fear barricade in me. A barricade with a sign that says: This Is Messy. Go No Further.

And I know this: When I sense it, I must back up and charge through. Break it down with all the courage I can muster.

When I burst through, I wish I hadn’t. I should have snuck around the barrier and peaked in. There’s a monster in me. She’s worse than Pogo. Angrier, meaner, offensive, uncontrollable. She’s wounded, hurting and ready to fight. She’s also old. Beyond my age—wait, is that me or not?

“Excellent work. You have located your Pogo, or at least one of them. Just like there is sky and water, your planet has anger. It’s a tangible resource. It can feed an army.”

I want her gone.

“She will come back.”

Why? She isn’t me; I am not that angry.

“You are correct, she is not you. She is, however, attached to anger that is yours.”

So, I must release an inner anger to free her?

“Is it freedom she seeks?”

No, I sense that she wants change. Or maybe not wants, maybe she needs to change. Or I need her to change. Can you please explain this?

“Indeed, beloved. When you incarnated, you agreed to do many things for your planet. One very large commitment was to transmute lesser energies. You are a conduit to the Light. Have you not prepared your Pillar of Light for years? Have you not studied how to clear or release entities?”

I have.

“And what is Pogo?”

Is she an entity???

“Of sorts. She is not a disincarnate, she did not live in a body. Pogo, as you have aptly named this wound energy, is a created force that attaches to anger. Similar to a cell searching like cells, Pogo is a magnetic force. You use anger within your subconscious to attract Pogo, isolate it and, if you follow your Soul intentions, transmute the anger into Light.”

I am stunned.

“Yes, we see that. Have you not seen enough of yourself to know that what you can do supersedes human knowledge?”

I guess not. I laugh at myself. I should ask more questions. Who else can do this?


Every single person?


But we don’t. We hold the anger and when it’s with us long enough we think it is ours. Is that true?

“It is. To further that thought, when one is in a DNA lineage of holding anger entities it seems like a birthright. It is not. Anger from father or mother is to be transmuted. That is the reason it is embraced.”

Can I simply ask for transmutation? Call in the Violet Flame?

“Yes. It is beneficial to do this in meditation, or even groups, first. Repeat the action until it becomes easy. As you know, always in sacred space. Always with your Light Beings. You did not incarnate alone; you were never intended to work alone.”

Thank you.

“It is us that thanks you, beloved.”

After digesting this information, I realized that I want to heal my inner Pogo. I also realize that this may be an ongoing thing. If I attract things to transmute because it is part of my skill/talent/purpose, it is likely that I will keep attracting the energy. I need help. In fact, I would like humanity to help. I would like everyone to transmute the anger (or other emotion) they attract because their skill-set includes the ability to transmute.

I believe we are all suppressed healers. I believe that each of us has many talents to transmute negative energy to Light. Pogo isn’t a bad person. She is possessed with something that became large enough to act. We don’t heal centuries old practices by yelling at one person. (If you research the video, the woman was yelling about Sharia.) Or even by standing up and complaining publicly. We heal by uniting behind a higher frequency until it prevails. At least, that is my work in this world. And if you are reading this, it might be yours as well.

I wish you blessings on your spiritual road,

Holly Burger





Additional info:

*The man getting yelled at is Jagmeet Singh, a Canadian politician. You can search the video online.

For additional healing, try: Power Over Seven Scorpions which I learned about from Isis Oracle by Alana Fairchild (an internet search will locate the chapter online, however the deck is very high frequency)

There is another suspicion out there that the woman was hired to disrupt the meeting. The end conversation is that Singh is not Muslim, the religion being accused of harming woman by practicing Sharia. Singh doesn’t correct the woman’s thinking, thereby showing his upper-spiritual-hand. Although this is the higher practice, a correction might have discharged the elevated anger somewhat. Food for thought, and another way to clear/heal.

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