You, as a spiritual being, are responsible for your creations. We are not victims. We are creators.

We do create things that our minds don’t understand, and those creations will be interpreted as suffering. Human suffering is as old as any tale. Suppression, slavery, plagues, hardships… these are how and why we change.

We don’t often make drastic improvements if things are perfect. Or even if they are fine.



When I ask my guides about this particular virus, one of many coronaviruses, I am told that we must think in big picture ideas. For instance, how many viruses have you personally been exposed to and NOT become infected? How many times have you overcome something dangerous without falling into the worst case?

Those questions remind me that I must not succumb to media directed fear. I plan to use common sense by washing my hands better, thinking about where a virus might hang out and not touching that thing. That means other people’s hands, door knobs, hand rails, counters, etc. Don’t touch my face/mouth/nose two thousand times a day. Avoid being sneezed or coughed on.

Precautionary measures: masks, wipes, gloves, sanitizers, etc. And then there’s spiritual superpower: The Violet Flame. Archangel Michael. Prayer.

Did you know you can call in your guides, angels, Ascended Masters and all your Christ Consciousness Light Beings to help you? (I know you just said, “Yes!”) They might make something appear shiny, grab your attention and suddenly you are on a new path. You take stairs instead of an elevator. You pick one apple instead of another. Aligning with your highest good, your truth and your INTENTIONS will help you.

Unless it doesn’t. What??? Some people will be affected by situations no one wants. Diseases, crime, circumstances. Why would we do that? Because we are the whistle blowers. The way showers. We won’t stand by idly (even though we make look idle) and wait for negative energies to show themselves.

And speaking of intentions… What are yours? Are you clearly stating them so that your subconscious has no other choice but to listen? Are you letting fear be your dominant thought? Train your brain. Train it so that your thoughts create what you want.

“I am virus free. I am protected by Light and conscious decision to be virus free. I travel in my life carefully while I allow myself to be guided by Pure Christ Consciousness Light. I allow truth and unconditional love to be my reigning energies.”



On Facebook, I recently asked what people are doing while they travel. At this time, I have not heard of anyone canceling travel plans. Some respected individuals are using words like “pandemic”. Much scarier than epidemic. Much. Scarier. I am trying to work with ideas like:
“Thank you for your perspective, I allow my thoughts to rest while I expand my Light.”
Information is good. Truth is even better. Keep in mind that YOU have a filter. You can use your personal recognition of truth and you can call in your guides to ask for their filters. We need to know, we excel when we have knowledge. However, we need truth. Not perceptions. Not surmises. Light works with truth and everything else is malleable.
“I choose truth as my guide. I allow my thoughts to release anything not resonating with 100% truth and unconditional love.”
You will encounter people that hold a strong belief, one you know to be non-truth, as their personal truth. Those people aren’t lying, they are experiencing. We are not wardens of Light, there is no need to do anything but live your truth by example. Any ideas that pop into your head about correcting someone can easily be dissuaded. At times, I tell my guides, “Please find someone else to say/do that, I am uncomfortable.” This statement eases the situation so that I am able to move aside. Hopefully, I am not invested in who is right or wrong. If my ego is at play, if an entity is whispering judgments, or even if I am absolutely correct in my assessment… moving aside can bring me peace and possibly other person.
Be at peace. It begins within us, and not by correcting each other.
I just read a book where someone’s diary from the 17th century is found. The spelling was atrocious. But I started thinking about how we all write publicly so much now on social media, we abbreviate, sign, emoji. It isn’t necessarily important to spell correctly anymore. Now it’s important to communicate. At times, we focus on what can be criticized. That reaction is learned. We are trained to belittle others so that we elevate ourselves.
You don’t need elevating. You are an elevated being of Light. Be that Light in your word. In your communication, with others and yourself. Even if someone is spouting absolute nonsense (non-sense: it doesn’t make sense), acknowledge some tiny speck of Light that you can find. Then be the Light. Shine bright. Make your merry way and be the truth of who you are.
And if your traveling, use your Light like a cootie spray gun. Think. Take precautions and use every tool you have.
Call upon the Violet Flame to transmute.
And lastly, be that common sense being that you are.
Namaste` beloveds,
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