I don’t usually share my conversations with Spirit. They are personal and sacred to me. But when the push to share gets stronger than my reluctance, well, then you have a moment like right now. This is a recent meditation:

(Preface: My husband, Bobby, and I have been sick. He was in the hospital with Covid-19 pneumonia. Although I did not get tested, I believe that I had it as well.)


While setting space, I ask for removal of Covid-19. I am told that none remains. I ask about antibodies, I am told there are none for this strain, covid-19.s. What is the s for?

Guides, “Synthesis.”

What does that mean?

Guides, “Synthesis, or repeat of something chemical with a slight alteration.”

How many times will Covid-19 be synthesized?

Guides, “A viral synthesis can be changed indefinitely, although only one to two changes are available while it still looks similar to its origin and can be named the same. After, you will hear the new strain being called by another name as it has lost its connection to the original form. For instance, it is still a virus, a corona virus by look and action. One small change and it becomes something else. By description, a virus without certain criteria are downgraded to a lesser category. Viruses are categorically invasive and leave an easily identifiable trail. They may appear hidden, but do not hide, they attach and alter their environment. When detected, most human viral battles begin with extraction, deadening and reclaiming the environment.

“Covid-19 has a sort of fecal matter it leaves behind, so it can be detected for months. This is known by scientists, but they do not know why. Or, at least, they don’t understand how and will not advertise what is only a question for now.”

Is it important for me to know this?

Guides, “You have asked questions about antibodies, tests and how human bodies host Covid-19, and Covid-19.s.”

So, what I have is the “s” version?

“You have had both. The original only bothered you slightly.”

Are they making another version?

Guides, “ “They”… hmm… unanswerable. If you were to ask where Covid-19 comes from, we would say a lab, yes, but previous to that it is an ineffective viral material from another place. It was brought to Earth and your scientists studied it until they were able to sustain it. It is a poison to the human body. Within 10 years, it will be benign here as well.”

Is it really deadly?

Guides, “That depends. It is true a weakened immune system is activated by Covid-19, however, your scientists gave it something it does not have elsewhere: a shield. What would normally penetrate the ‘corona’, cannot and does not. That said, there are things that penetrate and breakdown the abusive nature of Covid-19.”

Would you call that a cure?

Guides, “We would.”

Can you share more about that?

Guides, “We would be delighted if there were a cure, we could spoon feed humanity, however, that is not possible. You see, beloved star child, what is most effective is consciousness. How have you battled it?”

A meditation with light and codes.

Guides, “Which you already knew, yes?”

Yes, and supplements, vitamins.

Guides, “Which came through your resources, yes?”

Yes. What are you saying?

Guides, “You have these things in place, and your system looks for ways to heal. Some look for ways to be sick.”


Guides, “Because their spirits are poisoned. They feel they are flailing in a failing world. Some strive to hate more than anything else and their spirits are far removed from daily thought.”

I am sickened by this. What can I do?

Guides, “We ask, and you know that we speak from your own hierarchy, from your I Am and not a source of anything else; we ask that you write and speak. It is time, and your voice is ready to remind those who are lost. We have a team of beings here that have crossed over, they will assist you. Please write about the divine love. Listen to inspiration and write your truth.”

Thank you.

Guides, “Beloved, for you to thank us, it is almost unfathomable. We hold that gratitude as a treasure and see your service for what it is: a miracle.

Wow. Thank you.

After this message, I wrote a blog: Hate Speech, Bullying and Prejudices. (https://rawandreal.lightworkersalliance.com/hate-speech-bullying-prejudices/) A few days later, while hosting a class the following came through in the opening. This morning, my guides are here again, reminding me to write and share.



Prayer for Physical Resilience

Father, Mother, God, Goddess, Creator, Source of All That Is…

I call forth to the highest levels of Christ Consciousness Light, to my pure Light guidance, to Archangel Michael and all beings of Light that work as my protection team.

I ask that Light move into my chakras, energy centers, blood, bone and tissue, through all aspects of my physical movement, through my endocrine system and glands, through my circulation, digestive system, cardiovascular system, and through all systems named and unnamed. I ask for cleansing, healing, clearing, rebalancing. I ask that Light move into my brain, memory, thoughts and through all encodements, through all time, space and dimension. I ask for clearing of glitches, impairments, attachments. Please heal anything broken and repair damages.

I ask to be grounded to the core of Earth and connected to the I Am Presence. I request repair, enhancement, and all appropriate measures to be taken to bring my Pillar of Light to its highest and most appropriate frequency. Working with and through the highest realms of truth and unconditional love, I allow nothing less than the strongest and truest connection to Mother Gaia and Source/I Am.

Through the power of my own I Am Presence, I command and demand removal of anything that has come to me as an implant, anything attached, sent, irregular, unusual or improper, anything with a negative vibration or less than pure Light consciousness; please surround these things with Light and remove them to their own highest outworkings.

I ask for Light to radiate into my mental, emotional and spiritual bodies, echoing out at the highest frequency possible, anchoring into my cells and chakras.

**I am my I Am Presence, I offer myself in service to the Divine Light of the I Am Presence of All That Is, I ask for assistance in being the Light that I am from Source, to my high self, to my physical body, all the way to the core of Earth. I allow myself to be blessed with more Light than I have ever received before. I allow my systems, my gifts, my blessings, my knowledge, my awareness, my healing, all aspects of my growth, my security and my safety to work together. I enhance my resilience against anything that tries to penetrate my protection field. I enhance my knowledge and awareness of protection, and I ask that Source send forth all committees, all teams, all resources of pure Christ Consciousness Light who assist my protection field in becoming impenetrable. I enhance my wisdom and knowledge now so that I radiate Light out in all directions; around, above and below.

I banish all viruses, specifically anything unnatural, manmade or human made. I banish all germs, bacteria or viruses that are lab created. I banish anything that mimics a virus, anything that attacks my immune system. I banish reactions to anything that is not harmful. I regulate my immune system and allow healing to happen now.

I banish fear, worry and regret. I ask that these things be moved outside my realms of protection and be transmuted, now. I request frequencies of Light to fill every cell and awaken my memory.

I ask that if I have been lied to or fooled, that I have a forgiving heart. That I accept understanding and release non-truth or my own bitter or angry reactions. I request help so that I simply walk away from negativity and put myself in another place where I see Light.

I ask for assistance in associating Light with Source/I Am and nothing less. I ask for assistance in knowing that people are corruptible. If they are corrupt in one minute, I release what they say. If they speak truth in another minute, I listen. I ask for help in knowing how to discern truth and how to stay in alignment in my Pillar of Light, connected to the I Am, grounded to the Core of Earth. I ask that Source assist me in being aware of resources that tell me things that are not true.

A resource might be someone I trust or believe, it might be social media, news, billboards, the radio or writing. Any way that I can receive information, I ask for filters.

I ask for assistance if I begin to relay something that is no longer true.

I ask for Source to help me remember that I am part of a larger group of consciousness, a soul family and beyond. I pour myself into this alignment of Light for my service. I allow any fear or worry within myself to resign. I allow fear that I do not understand what is happening to relax. I bring myself into a peaceful place and sense of being because I have a time, place and reason for existing.

Within that truth, that Divine Love, in my service, purity and unconditional love, I know that I am a powerful resource for the highest and best good. For myself, my community, the world and the Light of All That Is.

I am grateful to all those that help me. I am grateful to the I Am that holds the consciousness of my truth, even if my human mind forgets. I am grateful for the resilience of my physical body, my growing strength and the recalibration of my cells. I can become stronger and more resilient and I will.

Thank you and Amen.

Holly Burger


**If you are working in meditation, you may start here. Please close your sacred space after completing this prayer.

Please feel free to share this prayer with credits, thank you.





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