People have asked me about Divine Accordance, “300 pages, really??”

It’s only 288… ; )

Here is the reason Divine Accordance is ‘the big book’. Because when I wrote it, I typed what came through. I attuned myself to receive information that would help people on their spiritual journey, and by that, I mean help people learn to be in contact with their Guides.

It’s not easy, or simple. There are different types of people, as well as many types of ethereals. Divine Accordance has a way of sorting the challenges, moving obstacles out of the way so a person can get what they need.

My longest running Psychic Development group is called Conscious Creators. We have been meeting for years, at least six. I should have kept track. Anyway, today, while preparing for our meeting I was led to DA (for short), the big book. These ladies know my teachings, they have worked with the prayers for years. However today, I was led to Chapter Two. Way back to the beginning. How unusual.

I was shown that we always go back. We layer our learnings like soil, creating a world of truth. Foundation. I was moved to share what happened because it’s an important lesson about empathy. Everyday I see something on social media about empathy. In my last Raw & Real blog post, I wrote:

… Have you ever felt something from someone? And then later, you don’t feel well? Maybe you’re tired or anxious. The idea that you may be an empath is laughable at this point. We are all empathic. The question is to what degree are we engaging with our empathic ability?

That’s the place I am visiting today. Where do we engage daily as empaths unconsciously? When do we forget that the feeling we are under, the thing that’s bogging us down, isn’t even ours?

I had acupuncture yesterday. A woman in Ocala, Florida, near where I moved six months ago. She was wonderful, a healer/doctor with that ancestral lineage energy. Afterward I felt great, energized. Within an hour, I was inundated with grief. It pushed out of me fast and hard, I could feel where I was hiding it and protecting myself from the emotion.

What have I lost?

Honestly, it feels a bit silly. It wasn’t a person or beloved. It is all the persons. All the beloveds. My husband and I moved to Florida, to a beautiful lake house. Our retirement home. (I don’t plan to retire, though.) We moved away from two of our kids and four grandsons, years for friends and familiarity. My heart hurts over this loss. I know I can visit, but can I meet someone for a quick lunch or ice cream? Can I watch my grandson’s sports games on the weekends? Everyone is so busy; phone calls aren’t what they used to be. And, frankly, parents/grandparents aren’t a necessity. We can slip away easily. And that hurts.

I was walking around ignoring and stifling grief. Any decent empath would be able to smell that like fresh apple pie. We empaths love a sad emotion. Grief, sorrow, depression, worry, anxiety, all magnets for our bleeding hearts. I’ve trained for years to help others with this issue, then here I am holding it in. Suddenly, I am that empath with a frequency radiating out like a beacon: come get me, welcome, join me, let’s all grieve together. Like attracts like. Grief attracts grief.

Here’s my wake up call; I did not know I held this within myself. I would have denied anyone pointing it out.

Why would I deny what exists within me? Because I didn’t feel it. I couldn’t identify with it. See if you can relate to this: I can easily tell your inner dark secrets. I cannot even begin to identify mine.

It’s not stubbornness; I once thought it was. Resistance? No, not that either. It’s a survival mechanism. We simply don’t have time. We are busy working or nursing or healing or sleeping or whatever.

Chapter Two of Divine Accordance (it’s posted here) takes us back to the simple idea that we must learn to feel what is around us, identify its resource and become familiar with the subtle differences between what is ours and what is not.

Read that again. It’s the most important truth of psychic development. The most important truth? How is that possible?

If you are to deliver any information to another person, it should be clear. And concise. Clear, as in a message free of clutter. Free of your emotions. How can I be a clear channel if I am sensing grief around me every time I connect to my Guides? We must know if we have empathed something. Those things are not messages for others, they are clutter.

Once, years ago, I was at a psychic fair. In fact, it was the first time I shared Pocket Prayer Book. I was so nervous to be an author, to open myself that way. During the show two women came by and we chatted. One, let’s call her Jill, told me that there was a being near my shoulder, and it wasn’t a positive one. I became extremely worried about this being. What/who was it? I asked several people if they saw it, they all said no. The next day I brought it up to another reader who told me that she knew Jill, and Jill has given other people the same message.

We all know it’s inappropriate to give random messages outside of sacred space, so I will skip that part. What’s important is that Jill saw something with more than one person. She was mistaken that the vision was for them, it was for her. End of that story.

As psychic beings, we must wisen ourselves the possibility that we are sensing/feeling/empathing more than we can understand. There are two exercises that make this possible, and they are both simple. One is to assess how you feel in public situations, then divide those feelings between mine the theirs. I will include that exercise below. The next is to use Vertical Light, also from Divine Accordance. You can read that excerpt here.

It’s a vast world of emotion and feeling out there, but I have every faith that you can organize yourSelf into a masterful being of psychic awareness.

Wishing you love and light,


PS: my next post will be about the conclusion of that Conscious Creators meeting. Please read it for a list of ways to manage empathic energy.

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