Since I started Raw & Real, vs my old blog: lightBLOG, I have felt pressed by the internal movement I call “my guides” to write about what is going on with me.

Around 2004-ish, I noticed a trend in my inner workings: encounters or experiences that are seeds for something growing in the future. For instance, I will read/see/hear something (at times it will be available more than once) and figure it is just passing information. A day, maybe two, later, someone will ask a question needing that information. And I have it.

My brain tried to organize this phenomenon. Do I psychically intuit the need for certain information and thereby attract it? Or do I have it and attract the person that needs it? This is a real chicken and egg situation. Since I don’t necessarily need to know that answer, I have let it slide. Who knows which is accurate and as long as everyone gets what they need, I am happy.

However, there’s this other push-tap-suggestion that sometimes happens. And a weirder thing that happens after, or during… Let’s just say I am doing a reading, and a subject comes up. Like last week when I was working with a client and we talked about asking questions.

Here’s how that went: You have done the gamut. You have been a mother, a business woman, a wife, a creator of many things, a teacher and mentor. You are trained and obligated to tell people things. When in your life are you allowed to know nothing? To ask questions? And when can your methods of drawing practical hypotheses be dropped? When do you have blind faith in something etheric and non-visible, like God/Goddess/Creator?

This isn’t an unusual conversation in sessions. If you have read Divine Accordance, you know that it has happened to me in a big way. I was taught to ask questions or suffer in the place of unknowing. I was taught that my guides don’t serve my teachings like desserts on a platter. They answer my questions. Because of the way they teach, we must ask. If you have guides offering information, I would meditate and make sure they are Christ Consciousness Light. Don’t hesitate to banish ANY guide. True Light Beings are not offended by this. They either stay or come back. They want us to be careful and thorough. Less than Light beings do not want us to ask questions. They want us to listen. Listen and listen and listen and then, when we won’t question anything: obey.

It’s a little frightening, but I have seen this too many times to let that fear stop me from explaining this. It’s part of my purpose on this planet. So, back to the idea that I get information or ideas for people before I see them, and a session happened when that ask-a-question information came through, I wasn’t surprised when another person crossed my path that needed a refresher on question asking.

Remember, if you are going to tell Spirit how it is, that’s fine. The energy will back away, letting you be in charge of creating what you create. That is not what we want. We want to work in our Divine and true Pillar’s of Light with our teams of ethereals. We want intuition and psychic development. We want growth and what some call ascension.


That’s me, asking you a question.

I am not your Guide. I may be a guide, but you have ethereal Guides of pure Christ Consciousness Light. You have agreements with ethereal beings; you incarnate, they guide. Do you want them to help you? How can you ask for that? Stop, close your eyes and create a question. Say it out loud.

Tentatively, foot shuffling, stammering, she asks, “Uh, guides or ghosts or ancestors or whatever you are, can you help me?”

A+ for effort. D- for getting your guides attention. Who are you? Are you a seven-year-old? No? Ask again.

“Jeesh, this is so annoying, I don’t want to do this. Guides, if you’re there, I want your help. Wait, that’s not a question. I mean, can you help me?”

Annoying. You know what’s annoying? Low self-confidence, that’s what is annoying. You know your guides. I promise you that you chose them, and they chose you. We forget. We move through the tunnels of birth, etheric and physical, leaving behind a plethora of knowledge.

“How can I access that?”

Now that’s a question! Let’s hone it a bit. Who are you talking to? I want you to establish a relationship with Creator. I want you to know your highest connection. I want you to feel empowered.

“How can I do that?”

Now, you’re getting the hang of this. Every moment is an opportunity to ask something, to learn something. I often call myself teacher/student. Not because I am humble, I struggle with being humble because I have self-doubt. Regardless, I am always learning something. No matter where I stand/sit/work/play/etc., I find myself learning. And maybe, just maybe, that is because my guides taught me to ask questions.

Before that, I was lost. At times, I felt obligated to express my knowledge, maybe interject what I knew to impress someone. It’s a strange juxtaposition, and I feel shame around it, but as a human I am bearing myself here. (And for another reason that I will share in a minute.) In Meyers-Briggs I am an ENFJ. We are the people that don’t know a stranger. We like everyone and engage easily. We love to find common ground with others, which can lead to intense conversations. Another ENFJ probably wouldn’t consider a peer as bragging or boasting. But to I/introvert people, we are annoying. We overtalk, brag, boast and take over conversations. If things get exciting, it can be perceived as flirting or some type of proprietary edging. IE: overtaking a friend, staking a claim.

Why mention this? Because we are all learning here and when I learned what my excitement did, how others felt when I showed up as a person who is extroverted and looking for connection… I saw why some of the bad or nearly bad things had happened. Did people get mad and yell at me? A few times. But that isn’t worth writing about, because if a person it angry and yells they are engaging. And if they engage, I can talk to them. I can explain that it’s the story I love. It’s connection that excites me. Most people love connecting with others; and while I am explaining about that connection, we can walk over a new bridge together and then… then I have found common ground with that person. Communication is a lovely thing.

No, it’s not the ones that yell and express themselves that concern me. It’s the subterfuge. It’s the anger that boils under the surface and becomes a conversation with a best friend. Or friends. Or anyone that will listen. It is the times when someone’s innocence is ridiculed. Or chopped up into tiny pieces with a tongue that’s like a knife. Do you know what I mean? Have you had this happen? Have you ever felt something from someone? And then later, you don’t feel well? Maybe you’re tired or anxious or hurting. The idea that you may be an empath is laughable at this point. We are all empathic. The question is to what degree are we engaging with our empathic ability? Ask your guides that.

What we are sensing from others is energy. Horizontal energy. It’s dangerous because it can find openings in our fields (like self doubt) and get in. The door/crack/window/fissure isn’t usually shut afterward and suddenly we are being infiltrated with negativity. Or entities.

Another lesson from Divine Accordance: horizontal energy. It’s a thing, people. When we are bound up, energy reaching out in every direction, we are consumed by feeling and sensing and surviving. Get vertical. Do a meditation. Get grounded and connect with your Guides. Connect with Creator/Source/whatever you want to call the Highest Power available. Ask how cords can be released. Ask, “How can I release fear of anothers backlash if I am too much of mySelf?”

“How can I ask questions and want to learn without fearing what others will think?”

“How can I teach and learn at the same time and feel safe?”

After sharing the information about asking questions with two different people, I thought it was done. Then I went to a local psychic fair. There were six readers and I walked past them with a friend. We decided to grab a bite before our sessions and talked about each reader. One, in particular, had a light around her; a light that was familiar, so I choose her.

Did I ask who could serve me best? No. Did I ask who could answer a question with truth and light? No. I followed Light. (Should have been my first clue…)

She had three decks of cards on the table, but she told me her sessions were a little different. I figured she used intuition and the cards were for fun. I get that. But, I didn’t ask. I chose a deck, and she shuffled the cards herself. She chose cards and the reading was fine, except for a few things. She didn’t set sacred space. Sacred space is mandatory for a good session. And the surmise of setting sacred space is this: ask questions. Who, what, when, where and why?

The woman said she was new to readings; I accepted that and said a silent prayer. At some point my mouth started working and I had to stop myself from reading the cards. I am not educated to read Tarot, but the cards were speaking to me. The artwork was so expressive. (She didn’t know the name of the deck.) It was a good reading, especially for a beginner so I thanked her, tipped and went about my day.

Fine, right?

Except I didn’t close the space. Or disconnect. That happened later when I remembered that I had said the prayer. Psychic fairs are like cotton candy for flies. Entities come. They hunt for lower level openings and fly in, feasting on the sugary goodness swirling around the psychic people. We are delicious, don’t you know?

Guess what I learned from that interaction? To begin with, I didn’t ask enough questions about why I was going to a psychic fair. I set some intentions and had two questions, but my main energy was curiosity about this area, which is new to me. Because I meditate, and do what I do, I inadvertently dominated the session. I should have asked how to show up for the session. It would have been polite of me to do that. I don’t mean to ENFJ all over people, but it happens. Maybe I could have dropped my question into conversation so that we were led into the session that way. Maybe, if I would have been more specific about my intentions, I would have chosen a more seasoned reader and received. Instead, I worked. It happens quite a bit, and I don’t necessarily mind; but it would be nice to just receive sometimes. What did I give that reader? I mentioned St. Germain. Her energy had violet and I could see her potential with her birthright, which is St. Germain energy. I said it in passing, without too much information. Then I casually mentioned that I worked in that energy and could recognize it. It will rattle around in her consciousness until she finds a way to connect with it.

As an empath, her sub-consciousness will have sensed me connecting with Creator when I said my silent prayer. She will likely want to now how to do this. It is how I learned after all. Once I was in Divine energy, I craved it. I had to learn and that time, I did ask. I trust she will find her way in this, likely it won’t be through me. How it happens is up to her. For now, I am in service. As you can see, service happens even when I pay the least amount of attention. Service is my life devotion. My choice. I am adamant about working with pure Christ Consciousness. I hold a certain frequency that will vibrate those I can help to me, or me to them.

If we are open, grounded, connected, we will walk our Light. We will teach/learn. We will give and receive. If you aren’t feeling connected to your guidance team, I encourage you to engage with your Light Beings in meditation. Work on setting sacred space. Walk in your truth, but don’t doubt that you created every scenario in your life. Your relationships, your job, your home… these are all reflections of you. Please don’t judge them harshly, as they are you and you are feeling everything. Maybe even too much.

“Guides, I am overwhelmed, how can I manage everything I am feeling?”

Trust that you are gathering things to give to others. And that others are gathering things to give to you.

The last nudge? The last part of my recent journey with asking questions and setting sacred space? Write/type. Get it down on paper/monitor. Share it. Someone needs it.


I wish you a smooth, wonderful, happy spiritual road,



PS: Please share this with credits, email me with your story, call me for a session if you think I can help. Thank you for reading this, it means the world to me.


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