Every year, every single dang year, I go off some diving board into the deep end of the pool of Christmas.
I just can’t understand it.
My main suggestion to get through the holidays: Make soup. Seriously, freeze some and you will have a dinner ready. Eat some and you won’t be hungry. It’s easy to digest, nourishes the soul with warmth and doesn’t take a lot of focus to create.
The past few years, I decided that I would not be buying gifts for adults. It just seems so ridiculous. One year, I asked my grandsons (10 & 15) if they would like to adopt a family and forsake their Christmas. Both said yes immediately. We shopped and delivered presents.
That wasn’t enough. I got judgey about the family… I am embarrassed about this, but their car was newer than mine. They didn’t seem to be actually poor. My mind got stuck on something. A giving glitch? I’m not sure. When you do a giving tree donation, you don’t meet the family. Maybe that’s better for me.
This year, we are in Florida and are not going home (Colorado). I wanted to create moments with each family, so I sent boxes and asked them not to be opened without calling.
Now I worry I am using gifts to manipulate my family into remembering me… This is all so complicated. I worry about giving to one and not another. I worry about people charging things (like I used to) and going into debt. Just to celebrate Jesus, whom I believe would be appalled at this crazy frenzy we call Christmas.
Make soup. It’s really my best plan.
Historians believe Jesus was born in March. Research Candlemas, winter festivals, Solstice. And then there’s this bit I found on the internet: “A time for feasting, goodwill, generosity to the poor, the exchange of gifts and the decoration of trees. But it wasn’t Christmas. This was Saturnalia, the pagan Roman winter solstice festival.”
Another wrench in my pile of confusion. Am I overthinking it? OBVS. The question is: How do we each find our equilibrium?
That question will likely make it into my newsletter next year. For now, I wish you these things: (from me, in prayer form, asking Creator, through your Oversoul & Highest Good…)
-peaceful calm moments of feeling Divine Love
-playful, joyful laughter; like the Light of a child
-tasty not-too-hot soup, ready when you need it
-a surprise gift that makes your day
-the ability to receive said gift, feel worthy, and express gratitude to the Universe for it all
-to be surrounded with love, whether with others or alone
-to know yourself as a healer, a giver, a lover

And for it all, for the love and the confusion, the opportunity to learn, the openings, for all the moments of suffering/purging/agony just to release, for consequent integrations… I bow down before this life and say THANK YOU.

Thank you, dear reader, for holding space and being Divine Light. For every time you have loved and laughed. For your gifts that flower, for your time and efforts. I truly appreciate each sparkly one of you and wish you the best this holiday season has to offer no matter what religion or belief system you have. Bless you through Divine channels, through surprises and through your beloveds. May you be seen, witnessed and honored.
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