What stops us from being the best version of ourselves?

It’s a new year. A new time. New opportunities float down from heaven so that we can re-invent ourselves…


Actually, yes. I do believe that this is a time for re-inventing. Re-organizing. Upping the platform. Why? Because this time every year, people join together in believing that renewal is possible. And when enough people believe something, it will manifest.

Let’s pretend that you are an all-powerful guru and anything you say is believed by thousands of people. What would you, in your profound position of power, say?

Let there be peace? Love for everyone? Compassion is to abound?

What if you are just you, maybe hanging out after dinner. Tired. Just checked the news and you’re aggravated at hatred spewed from every resource. You’re sick of judgment and aggression. Now what would you say? “I hate that political party.” “The news sucks.” Remember, you’re just hanging out. All those snide comments can come out when there’s no one to listen. What do you call people who drive poorly in front of you? Take your parking space? Criminals? Racists?

We are guilty of being negative. Getting tired, losing our focus and speaking from the cranky place. We all project onto our beloveds, blame the neighbors. Hate the haters.

Hold that thought.

Recently, a client shared that a friend asked her why she kept attracting wounded people. She wanted to know, “How do I stop that?”

The Guides said: Why would you want to stop it? You ARE a healer. Why don’t you want to heal people?

That conversation opened my mind. If we agree to incarnate, work lifetimes to embody our gifts and then deny people, what’s the point? The Guides recommend giving people your complete attention. (I tend to avoid eye contact when I am annoyed. Do you?) They say, “Channel Light through your eyes. Spend five minutes giving someone as much love and you can.” Five minutes. It’s not a reading, not an assessment of what a person needs to do, it’s love. And when you do it, it is flavored with all the education you have accumulated through lifetimes of study.

How do you become the best channel you can be? Ground yourself like never before. Meditate on connecting with the core of Earth. Do whatever it takes to hold your energy in a Pillar of Light. Practice. Root yourself as if you are prepared for growth. Prepared for the towering Light you are becoming.

Everything you touch is blessed with your gifts.

Channel Light through your eyes. Give it away.

Pretend Creator has given you a plate of samples and you must give them away. With a smile.

Ask Source to bless someone. Keep that energy vertical (Divine Accordance explains this in detail.), but a prayer might sound like this:

Father, Mother, God, Goddess, Creator, Source of All That Is, please bless Jane Doe. I ask for blessings through the Divine Light of the I am Presence. May she receive it through her High Self and Vertical Light. Thank you and Amen.

Prayers from me to you, us to whoever, can be tainted with our wishes/intentions/wants. For instance, I really want Jane Doe to realize her potential, so she doesn’t ask to borrow money. That is a horizontal energy wish. It is always better to ask for blessings from the Highest Light to be received via someone’s own discernment with their highest and best good involved. We don’t know their path, why they are learning what they are learning. (…or teaching…)

You and I both know; lessons are rarely what they appear to be from the outside.

What is your gift? I don’t even know my gifts all that well. We don’t have a spiritual gift dictionary, and if there were such a thing, how would it cover the vast array of multi-dimensional, trey-universal, extra, unknown healing possibilities known and unknown? You’re that vast. That extraordinary.

We will have to suffice with our personal signature, our name, our rhythm. Here’s an affirmation for you:

Let it be known, I love who I am and how I am. I love my evolving, growing, learning self. I profess my gratitude, appreciation and awe for the being I was, who I am and whom I will be.

Thank you and Amen.

This moment you are the accumulation of your learning. You are the best version of you.

Should we throw out the list of goals? Fire our business coach? Absolutely not. Every road you take to create yourself, empower yourself, grow and learn is part of the map of your being. Go forth. Find and create opportunities. Just remember, along the way, your community is listening. Your cells are listening. Your friends, family, co-workers, clients and peers. Speak from your inner Guru when you can. Forgive yourself when you slip into negativity.

Remind your immediate audience (thousand of dancing creating atoms) that all is well. Think of what might be better in a whimsical, “This would be great…” kind of way. Try not to hate on your old creations, you were young back then. From your new mature Self, you will behold all learning with compassion. Like a Guide. Because you are a Guide. You are a master of Light and Love. You breathe something someone is craving. Give that breath away. Send it into a crowd. Spark it in traffic.

I know you. I know this is true about you.

Happy New Year. May you be blessed beyond your comprehension.

With love,



PS: If you need a list of Resolutions, try these:

Although I desperately love myself, I might enjoy losing a few pounds.

Exercise is my friend, but so are French fries; please help me find balance this year in all I consume.

I love, actually truly LOVE, when I make healthy choices.

My digestion is masterful.

I heal at the speed of Light.

People love me and see my potential, which is why my life is going better all the time.

I am adored, and I look forward to realizing it more in the coming year.

I love astrology, predictions and tarot; however, I am a God/Goddess of creating happiness. Joy. Peace. Ease. Comfort.

My relationships are getting better all the time, I look forward to being surprised in 2020 with love from new and exciting places.

I create my work in the world and I am so excited to see how my creations support me, bless me, gift me, love me, shower me with surprises and witness me in my glory.

Can you keep going? If you need help, book a session and we can create a wonderfully personal list for your very own.

(MORE blessings to YOU. Happy creating. -hb)



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