It’s a strange prospect, to sell your house.

I feel fortunate in several ways. One, I live in a prosperous county. After 26 years, we are literally sitting on our retirement.

I am grateful that we chose to move. Chose to list our house. After years of ‘feast or famine’ living in a self-employed/contractor lifestyle, I feel settled and safe. Feeling safe; I wish that I could bottle that one. A few drops in the morning and off you go; safe all day. The closest I can get is meditation. A few moments in the morning… and viola.

I have meditated here, in my home or in my barn or in one of the back yards for over twenty years. I have held ceremony here. Prayed here and played here. This small area of land, one that I have a piece of paper from Boulder County, Colorado that claims I own it, has hosted me through births/deaths, illness, teenagers, holidays, parties, tears, joy and more.

I came into my gifts here, the ones I use to read energy. I created so many pieces of art here. Taught meditation and art classes. Passed tissues to clients while they released. Hugged people before they left my barn. My Goddess, I love the red barn. That hundred-year-old structure with a door to nowhere and sculptured green carpeting. So many times, I wanted to get an office in Longmont. A legit place with newer furniture and a waiting room. However, every time I mentioned it, people would say no. I was told that my art studio is comfortable and… safe. I would never want to sacrifice feelings of safety for what my ego thinks is legitimate.

So I stayed. Year and year. So many mandalas, quilts, paintings, etc. Two published books. Several more written. Thousands of meditations and readings. I never paid attention to how many readings I had given. Then I saw the number of recordings on my old digital. It was 3000 something. How could that be? Let’s minus false starts and possible glitches. So 2500? And before that I used cassettes. Then there is my new recorder, which is several years old. Wow. I have been doing a lot of work.

There is one more thing I am feeling fortunate about, or maybe two. Okay, there’s more but I am narrowing in for now. My husband said no, no and no to selling for two years before we jumped in together. Then one day, he said: Let’s do it. I named the date (which we missed) but I told him, “There is someone circling, I can feel it. The person wants this home and property and I don’t want them to miss this. We must hurry.” So we did. Clearing for staging. Storage. Packing. We fixed some ignored things. Painted and cleaned. It was cathartic; an emotional service to a home/property we love.

The house was available for on-line viewing for three days before our Saturday open house. Someone booked a showing at 11am, the exact time we opened. Bobby and I were in the outbuildings so our realtor didn’t have to cover the area. The 11am was a woman and her brother, with their realtor. We chatted a bit, but I was supposed to let people look and stay out of the way. I liked her immediately, a kindred spirit. My studio is nearly gutted, I mean stripped bare of anything that might suggest that I do readings. But she could feel the energy. She said, “I can feel the love here.” Oh! I love that! As we talked, she said she did Shamanic work; I confessed to doing readings and told her that the energy was toned down now. I wish she could have felt it before when I had five energy windows starting at the driveway so that people could shift in frequency slowly.

Side note: I did this, with the help of my guides, after having problems with people being dizzy with reactions to elevated frequency. I asked and was told that it would be much easier if people entered slowly. I was shown how to create a “window” at the door of my upstairs studio. Then later, one was needed at the door to the barn. Another added to the opening of the space where my desk was. One more at the end of the driveway and then a second one in the driveway.

The woman and her brother decided to buy our home. Bobby and I both liked them and are very happy to see our home be used as we used it. Not torn down for condos; but loved and honored. Utilized as the energy powerhouse that it is. Even with what I have done here, what others have done here, dialed back to low key, someone felt it. She made a clarion call and sent some winged spirit to soar over all the land and lead her to where her work can flourish. I am so pleased someone will write here. Heal here. Sing here. I barely know this woman and her brother, but I feel these things.

There will be more love here. More grounding and more creation. I cannot express how fortunate I feel that the walls of 836 will vibrate with positivity. That someone else found the energy here pleasing.

I am honored to have been a custodian of 836 15th Ave. Grateful for the trees I have loved since I laid eyes upon them. Blessed by squirrels, hawks, eagles, owls, foxes, one amazing dog, four cats, a few snakes, geese, ducks, hummingbirds occasionally, song birds galore, bees, more spiders than I care to invite (but appreciate for their skills and messages!), some mice and my beautiful mourning doves. (Actually, they are ring-necked Eurasian doves. A common mistake.)

So much to leave. How will I ever manage to express my gratitude? Letters to Gaia? One more fire before we go? (If you know us, lol… because, duh. There’s always wood in the fire pit and something to release being thrown in.) How do you explain 26 years of, well, everything?

Each of my kids, one daughter and two stepsons, have gone through their own process. I am wondering about my own. Will I always be a steward here? A caretaker of what anchored? How many beings of Light have I asked to help, ground, hold, clear/release, assist? What gnomes/undines/sylphs/salamanders* have I invoked? Angels? Guardians? Ascended Masters? Gods and Goddesses? The plant beings. Animals guides. All my rocks and crystals. My tools enhanced through ceremony.

Maybe I should stay.

Why would I leave this place? When I look at what I did here, I wonder that myself. But not enough to doubt that my path lays before me like a lighted runway. It is time to leave here, to shift into my next knowing. To land anew somewhere else.

And before that happens, to explore.

Thank you for walking the journey with me.

Thank you to every single being that came to 836 to see me, to heal here, to release and be freed here. You brought me blessing upon blessing and my gratitude is not something I can express adequately. But it is how I can live. I can walk on this Earth with my heart full from every tear that fell here. Hearts that opened, wounds that healed. Partners located, homes created, happiness found. My God/Goddess I am grateful. Open. Free.


Blessings to you – Holly


PS: *to understand more about the elements of Earth, I found this quick read:
If you crave more info, deeper understanding, find a copy of Gnosis and the Law by Tellis S. Papastavro. Here’s an Amazon link.


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