How to spiritually adjust in five days or less… said NO ONE. EVER.

I am officially a Florida resident. I have a new driver’s license and voter’s registration. I am making friends and learning new paths to the grocery store. Unpacking, organizing. Painting, moving things around, speculating on the best way to host guests.

During this process of recycling cardboard, purging what we don’t need, washing dishes, trying to sleep, I have managed to become highly focused on what isn’t happening. I miss my Colorado family. I miss the mountains. (I mean, who knows where west is in Florida???) I miss the way the ground feels in CO. My trees, my barn. Why did I move???

I’ve been through dark times. My mind has a bad habit of going from elated to crash. It’s unreasonable, erratic and most importantly: painful. Just before I began channeling, or hearing my guides clearly and understanding how to set Sacred Space and stay in my vertical Light, I nearly died. I emotionally crashed so badly that I had to be rescued; twice. The comeback was an uphill battle, but I was saved by some beloved friends; a few angelic beings that grace this planet helped me live through a personal darkness.

This time was different. A part of my brain kept reciting prayers and spiritual knowledge. Another part told me that it is just too hard. I can’t.

The energy here is dense. There’s an appropriate metaphor: quicksand. There’s a sucking, pulling, dank yearning.

(My good mind says: Of course, you are needed here.)

(My bad mind says: Are you f-n kidding me? I can’t do this!)

Long ago (in a land far away…), during a session, a woman talked about her ex-husband. She said he was bi-polar with a methamphetamine habit. In my ethereal vision, a tall woman formed. With the looks of Cruella Deville, she was seven or so feet tall, narrow waist, buxom and a come-hither finger pulling me into her seductive energy field.

What is that? I was told it is a visual perception of the energy of meth.

Sometime later, an acquaintance died. I only met him a few times, but I liked him very much. I asked my guides about him; he was only 42. I saw that seductive energy and his inability to resist it. His disappointment that he could not survive the bodily cravings of his addictive self.

That is what roams the jungle of middle Florida. I see it everywhere now. A few days ago, I heard a man talking and felt it. I wanted to run, hide. Instead I ignored him and hustled away. Later, in meditation, my guides showed me that my work isn’t to hide or run. My work is to acknowledge these children of God/Goddess/Creator. To awaken them to their Divine power. To focus on their inner Light so they can remember it. Ask for them to be blessed by Light. Witness them, see them.

After that meditation, my small complaints look… well, small. Minute and unimportant. That reminder triggered me to look again at the trees. The first time Bobby walked into the back yard he said, “That tree is magnificent!” I heard: Maggie. And she is incredible. The pics on my last blog are of Maggie. She seems to be the guardian here and I want her to live forever.

Even though my adjustment isn’t without it’s bumps and bruises, I am finding by grounding here. My guides are structuring me in a new way. The gravitational pull of Light pulls new people to me and I have been a bit more forthcoming about my work.

For the first time since I started channeling, I have taken some time for myself. I stopped working just before the move and haven’t started again. For a while, I wasn’t sure what this hiatus was about. I unpacked and set up my new office, preparing a place for phone sessions. My studio is in the planning/permitting stages. Decorating, painting, house stuff. Then it happened. One day I was checking in and my grounding cord was redeveloped into something amazing. Something strong and intricate.

As I relaunch myself, I will be in touch. I am still me, still caring about you and holding space for the alliance of Light in the world. I am sending you blessings, via Source Light, hoping you can receive what Creator holds for you. We are all worthy sons and daughters of Divine Light.

May you be blessed on your spiritual road,



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