Raw & Real

When people meet me, they expect a certain level of… decorum. Or knowing.

You might say, oh no, people completely accept you as who you are. But they don’t. We don’t; I don’t. If you can hear Ascended Masters/Angels/Ethereal Beings/Guides/Whatever, there is a level of societal pressure. Expectations.

Since 2002, I have attempted to be a version of spirituality that is acceptable to the public, and me. Non-judgmental. Loving and kind. Well-spoken. I believe in goals, and aspirations. Yet, something hasn’t been sitting quite right with me for a while. My blogs, never exactly timely, have tapered into ghosts. I still do readings and write, but my desire to be public has dissolved into ashes blown away by a Rocky Mountain Chinook.

What I desire, is to be real. To expose myself in a new way. The words that came to me: raw and real.

I’m 53, past my selfie prime. But Raw and Real isn’t about how photogenic I am. (Not that there’s anything wrong with selfies…) It isn’t about Facebook ads or growing my business. Not even passive income or ROI.

Raw and Real is about searching flaws and bargaining with the ego. Teasing your fears until they come out to play. I don’t want to hide myself anymore.


Oh God. (Normally, I would edit that to something more appropriate.) (Leaving it.) Exposure; it’s true—I am flawed and fucked up. (Please forgive my foul language, but sometimes…) (And, ironically, I don’t like when people curse in writing. It’s perfunctory. Uneducated. Blah, blah, blah.)

I don’t plan to use my flaws to gather your flaws like flypaper. I am just tired of offering spiritual wisdom and bypassing the human me.

I tell people that there are no “clear” channels. Humans are conduit for Spirit, they are never totally out of the way. Information comes in the form of energy, through us. It uses our images, words and dialect. How could we possibly be void of what makes us human?

However, we can be accurate. Or nearly accurate. I make no qualms about wanting to be accurate, my work is based on it. It’s just that my humanness is there. And so is yours. We must master the ego by finding balance in what makes us third dimensional beings, that is raw and real. Fighting that is nonsense—as my guides say: it doesn’t make sense.

What does makes sense is mastering our multi-dimensional ability to work with our spiritual hierarchy. To be in service to Divine Light while having fun on planet Earth. To love on another. To leave behind judgment, embrace compassion and forgiveness.

In my attempt to be raw and real, and I hope you will join me, I will be sharing my thoughts. My failures, my suffering, my judgments/confusion/hopes/whatever. I don’t have a plan. What I have is support; guidance that tells me this is the way for me now.

Thanks for listening/reading. I have so much love for those of you who join me on this spiritual road. -hb

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