Today’s a good day for something. But what is it?

That’s the sentence I was given when I asked, “What would be a good thing to post on Facebook to create some interaction with people?”

You’ve seen it, right? Where people ask a question to engage you in conversation? What’s your opinion on this? If you were stranded on a desert island, what one thing would you take? (You’re answering me, aren’t you?) Or, for the misspellers of the Universe, make it a dessert island. (Dark chocolate.)

I like the suggestion Myself* gave me. However, I was getting ready for my day and I knew if I picked up my phone to type it in, I might get lost on Facebook. Which I commonly call Portal to Distraction. I would try to type first, not read any posts, make it work not play. It wouldn’t happen. Some story or video or engaging post would suck me in and thirty minutes later I would get mad, shut down the app and think about how much time I just wasted. AND if Facebook is a waste of time, why would I want to post something there, engage with people and spend time replying? Minus several more hours of my day. WHICH, by the way, started with an idea: this is a good day for something.

But what is it?

My first inclination, when I heard Myself say that, was to visit some trees. I thought of Ceran St. Vrain Trail. (A beautiful hike near Jamestown, CO.) Or Roosevelt Park, here in Longmont, CO. My mind jumped from treed area to forest to park to my own yard. Today is a good day to visit trees. For me anyway.

I wanted to share this raw and real moment because we all face the possibility of distraction, or interference. It could be home, family, work, illness or social media. If we set an agenda, there is the chance it won’t happen. I feel like someone just said, “Chance? More like probability.” I have had those days. Moments where I stare out the window and can’t get to the trees just outside. Days where I must concentrate on my fingertips to remember what bark feels like. Maybe I open a window and smell outdoors, versus be there.

We each face our own challenges when creating the reality we want. And by want, I mean what’s in your heart. Your deepest yearning. Not just what gets you out of a current experience. I am talking big picture.

Shifts in reality transpire on Facebook. On the internet. Don’t they? Don’t we fall into rabbit holes on the web and think/dream/want/visit/pine/long for… what we see? Portal. To. Distraction.

Do I hate social media? No. I am an artist. Sagittarian EMFJ*. Social Media is the coolest thing since acrylic paint, am I right? I am in touch with people all over the world. I learn things. Watch children grow and know when something significant happens to my friends.

However, I am reluctant to be my spiritual self on that platform. Why? I have studied this for some time. I think I know the answer, but maybe not. Here’s my guess: It’s too sacred. My spiritual meanderings are too sacred (at least to me) to glibly post. I like memes, but I prefer meditation. Quotes and inspirations? Yes, of course. But I would rather know what you received in your personal messages.

That is why I am going to ask you a favor. I want to expand my email list. My way of marketing has always been different, and it looks like that will continue. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc., these aren’t my platforms. And my audience doesn’t need to be vast. I love divine alignment. When the right person hears the perfect thing when they need it.

Would you please help me build my mailing list? If you could forward this to someone who might feel aligned, I would greatly appreciate it. If you have a friend that would benefit by being on my mailing list, could you suggest that idea to them? My website is a resource for spiritual advice. Tell your friends to use the search button for anything they are going through. Free meditations are still available.

Today’s a good day for me to make a request.

If you know me, and most of you do because for years I have kept my mailing list personal, you know that I am hands on. I talk to people, try to help them.

Today’s a good day to spread your wings.

I might expand that consciousness a little. I might put myself out there more. I might even publish a new book soon and advertise it more than the other two I published. I might.

Today’s a good day to be okay with what you have done in life. To be proud of yourself and your accomplishments.

Today is a great day to love and appreciate the divine channels within yourself; to let your spiritual voice flow.

Today is the best day to look in the mirror and say, “I love you. I love who you are and who you will become. I even love who you were.”

Thank you. From my heart to yours. Thank you, thank you, thank you.



*Have you read Martha Beck’s book Diana, Herself? I *loved *it.

*Meyers-Briggs personality test. Don’t know your type? Take the test for free, it’s quite informative!

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