If you have read Divine Accordance, or heard me speak in the last ten years, you know about it. The Discord Prayer. The single most powerful prayer in the lands.


But seriously, DP (Discord Prayer; free copy @ http://lightworkersalliance.com/lightwork/prayers-2/) (I just made that up, never have I nicknamed this prayer before…. but***) changed my life.

It taught me that I can sever connections by asking my guides to stop negative energy from entering any and all fields, levels, layers via all time, space, dimension. And doing a few other things. Like being honest about who is toxic and who is responsible. The answer: me.

It means that YOU are responsible for YOUR life. It’s a darn hard concept to understand. When I took this in, it was after a Ho’oponopono workshop with Dr. Hew Len. I cried on the couch for three days. “I’m responsible for famine? Rape? Murder? Child injustices?

No. Just noooooo.

Ho’op (which I did nickname for obvious reasons) explains that we are responsible for everything we see. Feel. Hear. Experience. That we are only here with our Divine selves and everything else is a manifestation of something to learn or heal or clean.

It was over ten years ago that I made this adjustment and it helped be grow. And grow. Annnnnd grow. Then heal. Then expand into the massive light that I Am. I don’t manage all this Light alone. I have a team of ethereals.

Guess who else has a team of ethereals? You. And your neighbor. Your family members. Yeah, everyone.

Now, the bare bones of this writing. Who is toxic?


Essentially, someone is: you are.

I know this is a hard pill to swallow. Especially if you are in the muck. Just remember, if you are doing anything alone: You are doing it the hard way. I used to. I am formerly of the School of Hard Knocks. But I quit that protocol and changed it to Peacefully, Easily, Comfortably. And that is when my life changed forever.

PEC. DP. Ho’op.

Learn these and change your life.

Why and how? Why? Because you want to change your life for the better. You want to be free of negativity, toxicity.

How is simple, just get determined to be in less pain and more joy. Demand and command it. Scream to the ethers that everyone needs to help you right now. Guides don’t care about cursing and fit throwing. I am positive about this, I was never what one might call an exemplary student. Ask anyone that knew me when I started on this path. Least likely to channel might have been me. Most stubborn. Last to get the memo.

Don’t give up. Never, ever give up on yourself. They don’t: Angels. Guides. Ascended Masters. Loved ones crossed-over (including animals). Light Beings committed to serve you never give up. They love and support you unconditionally.

I hope you can take all that in, let it grow from a tiny seed to an enormous tree of knowledge and then work on this: Stop calling people toxic. Stop blaming others for what you create.

Toxicity is awful, I am not saying it doesn’t exist or that you should put up with it. This suggestion is about empowering yourself to create something better. Try this exercise, pick one:

Doormat? -or- Empowered Conscious Being?

Taken advantage of? -or- Watching others make decisions without feeling obligated?

Victim? -or- Creator?

The second one. Pick the second ones! Right? You want to help people by watching them learn, not participating in their mistakes? You would like to peacefully disagree with someone, versus going along because you have no voice? Don’t you want to create your life, not live subjected to someone else’s decisions?

Yes. (Say yes.) (Fist pump or something!)

There are no toxic people. Okay, there are, but they aren’t **itting on your world. Okay, maybe they are but you ARE NOT watching and complaining to other people about it, are you? You are pushing them to the street. Demanding they “go” somewhere else. Aren’t you?

I am not longer a victim. (Say it!)

You are taking responsibility and cleaning up your space. You demand peace, ease and comfort from everyone and everything. You are putting on your ethereal boxing gloves and kicking some energetic booty. Right?

Aren’t you ready to be the Divine Light that you are?

Do you think Jesus said, “Yes, I understand, but you’re toxic.”

No. Buddha/Jesus/Krishna would sink their lighted hands right into that energy and everything would vibrate…. into…. Compassion. That is how we heal toxicity. We look at the big picture. We love people through there pain. We give people space to grow.

We love each other.

Someone treats you poorly, “Hey, I love you, but you can’t do that here. Go away. Heal. Come back and tell me about it.”

It’s not easy to chase off the wounded, maybe you have a contract to help them heal. It gets tricky, trying to figure out whether to have compassion, help or boundaries. However, I have faith that you can juggle this without projecting. Without blaming. I have faith that you have tools, or can create tools, to take responsibility and understand.

There are no toxic others, there’s just toxic us. Toxic me.

The Discord Prayer is a great place to start. Read it and let me know what you think.


Love and light,





***speaking of nick-naming prayers, a friend did call this prayer “only love, only love” which incited meditations and lessons on how to program prayers. You can read about that in Divine Accordance.

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